WWC Computer Graphics work on Destination Truth as seen on the SyFy Channel


WWC was approached with a unique problem. The production company for Destination Truth, Ping Pong Productions, on the SyFy channel needed a fast and cost-effective way of producing compelling motion graphics for each show to show the viewer where on Earth they were going for each show, and what to do when they got there. The software to do what was needed had not been invented yet. WWC invested time and resources in developing computer software to solve the problems related to gathering and processing massive amounts of satellite data from Microsoft services in order to build compelling computer graphics for televition. It was no small task to both do this and fit it within the overall art direction of the show. 


The results are highly successful and speak for themselves. We have been using our hardware & software to build the graphics for the show and have enjoied a long-term relationship with the production company and members of the show. 


As a result, WWC has made a name for itself in Hollywood Circles for being an inexpensive and reliable source of high quality computerize map animations for Hollywood productions.  This type of map shows the viewer where on Earth the show will take place. 



This type of map shows the viewer where our adventurers went after landing in their far-off and exotic destination. This particular map shows a travel sequence from South America to Antartica. 


Below are screenshots from one of the custom tools we have developed for helping automate the creation of these maps. 

11 MSVE Precomp Sequence14 MSVE Custom Interface13 Overhead View from MSVE










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