Brand Management Using Drupal

Drupal is such a powerful & flexible system that it is being adopted for all sorts of things beyond a web-based content management system. Using just a few modules, some custom content types and views, Drupal can be built to manage brand ambassadors that may be working all over the US. It has advantage over traditional systems because of its web-based nature.

Many brands have also begun using "fans" and "enthusiasts" as their brand ambassadors, but the brand manager needs a way to marshall these ambassador "troops" and keep an eye on their progress.

Drupal lends itself very well to the creation of this type of system. It is becoming such a hot item an article was recently featured on that covers this topic rather well:

Building a Brand Ambassador System with Drupal

In their system they focus on three key ares: 1) Ambassador Screening; 2) Incentives; 3) Flexible Support.

They also leveraged an e-commerce system and Ubercart to show concrete results from sales and similar.

I found it interesting that Flexible support was a key requirement. In our experience, being able to retool the system to respond to changing requirements is absolutely key in this type of project. As the brand manager learns how best to marshall and rally the troops, the system so too must adapt to remain useful.

In our experience, such a system should allow the brand manager to:

  • quickly maintain lists of customers, locations, brands, products and control which of these are available to each ambassador
  • maintain groups of ambassadors by market, brand, product
  • set and edit goals based on any metric of ambassador performance and allow your ambassadors to monitor their progress in real-time
  • at-a-glance views of ambassador progress, exportable into spreadsheets for archiving or import into other applications

I would encourage anyone looking at a brand awareness or brand management system to have a look at this article and think about what a web-based brand management system could mean to their brand.


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