Technical Consulting

There is no question that any modern business depends on technology. Computers and software can completely change the landscape of a business’ profitability,  efficiency, employee training level and more. With technology, the trend of the last thirty years has been to increase the amount of work a typical office worker can do while simultaneously reducing the skill level required to do that work.

How much should a business spend on technology hardware, software and services? What spending strategy will yield the maximum beneficial result for a business? How should the budget be distributed among hardware, software, services and training? Under what circumstances are full-time on-site IT personnel required for the business? Is off-the-shelf software or custom development required?

At WWC, we want to partner with clients for the long term and act as trusted consultants, advisors and implementers. Our bottom line is improving your bottom line with technology. We want to offer our expertise on computers and technology to help improve workflow, training and other aspects of the business. We want to help you with those tough technology decisions that directly affect your business, and your bottom line.



Agreements for regular maintenance help to minimize downtime. Modern hardware can ensure software upgrades go smoothly by providing ample computational head-room.


Have you heard of The Cloud? Did you know you can move Exchange Email, Instant Messaging, Sharepoint to The Cloud? Often this can be done at a fraction of the cost and effort required to install and maintain a dedicated solution.


Do your employees use technology to get the job done, or do they just push buttons? Our training programs are designed to help employees bolster their problem-solving skills so they can better use technology to solve their own problems.