Exchange Calendars to RSS Adapter

Turn Microsoft Exchange Calendars into RSS Feeds

This original software package was developed by WWC in order to make shared calendars on Exchange available in a public and standard format. This software runs as a service on any machine with the Exchange Web Services (EWS) installed. It will need the credentials of an Active Directory user with access to the target calendar. From there it reads public events and makes them available through an RSS feed.


Why is this useful?

While you can publish an Exchange calendar to anonymous users, it will be formatted within the confines of Outlook Web Access. If you have exchange 2010, an .iCS feed is also available via outlook web access. This solution is, however, more secure and developer friendly than giving the general public direct access to your Outlook Web Access.

This software, including full source code, may be licensed on a per-server licensing basis for a fee of $499.00 USD per server. Significant volume discounts are available.

This software requires at Exchange 2007 or newer in order to function properly. 


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