Tech Services


Infrastructure Sourcing and Installation

Our experienced and expert technical staff can help you develop a technology plan that will meet your immediate business needs while providing for future upgrades.  Some consultants push expensive software and hardware packages that may need to be completely replaced in short order. We help you develop a business infrastructure that will grow as you do.

Network Analysis

We understand that information is the lifeblood of any modern business. Your tech represents the crucial circulatory system that keeps that information pumping.  Our technical staff is available to perform on-site Network Analysis to determine the health of your infrastructure.  We'll inspect your hardware, assess network topology, and  talk with your personnel and learn what you really need to get the job done. After your infrastructure has had a thorough check-up we'll be able to help you build a strategy for upgrades and maintenance to keep your business IT healthy.

Disaster Prevention & Recovery Planning

Prior preparation can help avert many common causes of tech disasters and having a recovery plan in place is essential to getting your business back on its feet fast. We can assist you with network security, off-site backups to keep your data safe, and user training to make your personnel savvy and successful operators of their equipment.


The only secure system is one to which no human has access. Sometimes individuals trusted with information find unscrupulous uses for it. If you suspect your intellectual property or secure information has been compromised we can perform forensic analysis of any suspect system or hardware.  Our forensic staff is available for internal investigations as well as providing testimony regarding their investigation. 

User Training

If you just throw money at a problem by purchasing new hardware, you're just throwing money away. Get the most out of your money by investing in your people, too. We can provide printed manuals, in-person education, and video tutorials to educated and empower your personnel. 

Industry Specific


We engage a number of CPAs from several states to help them with their technology. Recent changes in workflow software mean that going paperless, and going to the cloud, is easier than ever.

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Attorneys & Legal

We are experienced with a number of packages associated with firm & case management, time & billing: PC Law, Time Matters, Westlaw, Time Slips, BestCase, Needles and more. We are experienced with helping law offices go paperless and we have several specialized services for law offices .




Litigation Support

Our exposure to software for the legal profession has enabled us to branch out into forensic analysis and data recovery. We have a number of successful projects that revolved around data recovery for the purposes of evidence collection, document production for litigation and data reconstruction to look for evidence of wrongdoing in computer files.

Professional Service Corporations

Experiences in the service industry, and our role as consultants, mean that we have a wide range of experience in different scenarios that we can apply to your unique situation. Every business is different and we have a number of technology solutions for professional service corporations that we can tailor to your specific needs.

e-Commernce Systems

(repeat maybe) Doing business on the internet can be a complex and risky task. Working with the right vendors can lower your complexity, costs and headache. We’re experienced with several e-Commerce platforms and can help you get your web store up and running.


31 Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?  We can help you assess your risks, implement prevention methods, and develop a Business Continuity Plan to get you back to full-speed after a disaster as quickly as possible.  Click here to learn more about Diaster Recovery Planning.